Presentation and filosophy

The new HP Hansen is based on the former HP Hansen, which after a difficult time has chosen to sell its activities.
Today, the new HP Hansen has no contact to former owners or employees, so we are free from former challenges and agreements and ready to start from scratch.
However we have maintained a long experience in especially production of blades,
and we are very confident that this experience will be your guarantee for receiving a quality product from the new HP Hansen.

This is why we have decided to focus only on delivering spare blades for existing machines world wide, of the brands Jyden, HP Hansen and Morso.
Our blades are made from the best quality steel available, and the blades stay sharp for a long time, before they have to be resharpend.
Our own HP Hansen blades have a hardness of HR 60 to HR 62, and our blades are beeing made on specially custom made production
CNC machines with very very tight tolerences.

Apart from supplying blades we will also be able to deliver the most common spare parts for the above mentioned brands.

At the new HP Hansen, we aim to serve the customers and distributors in the best possible way, where honesty and keeping an agreement are key words for us.
Should you as one of our valued customers have an idea as to how we can develop and improve our service,
please feel free to let us know at any time.  The new HP Hansen want to be seen as a serious business partner,
and for this we have a good solid and loyal customer base, who can expect a high level of service and shipment of orders to theagreed time.

A quick and safe handling of orders are keywords for us.

We look forward to welcoming you as our valued customer at the new HP Hansen, in order to get the possibility to prove our words.

We hope that you will enjoy our website.